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Barcelona Airport Parking

There is official parking for over 20,000 vehicles at Barcelona Airport with four types of parking available:

  • General parking (most suitable for short-term parking)
  • Long-stay parking
  • First class parking
  • VIP parking

In addition, there is a free, but unsupervised, parking for motorcycles at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The general car parks are a short walk from the terminal buildings. The long-stay car park is further away, with a twenty-four hour shuttle bus running to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 every twenty minutes.

The first class car park is situated at Terminal 1 and offers the benefit of direct access from your car into the first floor of the terminal building, for speed and convenience. This service costs more than general parking except for Aena Club members who get a range of discounts.

With VIP parking, you can drop off your car at a meeting point at the terminal and you will be met with your car on your return. A range of services is offered for an additional fee, such as car wash, oil change, ITV (equivalent to the UK MOT test) and delivery of your car to an alternative location.

Parking Rates

The rates for each type of parking are below:

  • General car park - In the general car parks the first half hour is charged at €0.057750 per minute; thirty-one minutes to two hours at €0.055 per minute; then at €0.050 per minute up to a maximum of €20.95 per day for up to four days. The daily maximum from the fifth day onwards is €16.00. Discounts are available by booking in advance. Some sample costs are as follows:
    • 30 minutes: €1.73
    • 1 hour: €3.38
    • 2 hours: €6.68
    • 3 hours: €9.68
    • 4 hours: €12.68
    • 1 day: €20.95
  • Long Term - The long-stay car park is €18.75 for one day without a reservation or €14.00 by booking in advance. One week costs €88.45 with no booking but only €49.00 with a booking. The shuttle bus to the terminal runs every twenty minutes from 04:30 to 00:30 April to September and 05:30 to 23:30 October to March. It is available on request outside of these times.
  • First class parking - First class parking at Terminal 1 is €80.00 per week with an advanced booking.
  • VIP parking - VIP parking is €155.00 per week when paying in advance.

Getting to the Car Parks

For the general car parking, from the C31 highway, follow the signs for the terminal you want and the accompanying blue parking symbol. The first-class parking area at Terminal 1 is in the general car park, area D, E and F.

To get to the long-stay car park look for the blue P sign with "Llarga Estada". If you are returning a rental car, follow the car & key symbol sign and look for the logo of your rental company. Motorcyclists can choose to pay to park in the general car parks or go to the free, unsupervised parking areas signposted "Motos".

The main car parks have a height limit of 2.20 meters but there are areas for taller vehicles near to the motorcycle parking. Follow the 'P' along with a 'G' in a circle and "Sense Gàlib".

Passenger Drop-Off Zone

There is a drop-off zone outside all the terminals, but this is strictly limited to two minutes. You cannot leave your vehicle unattended and tow trucks operate at all times to remove offending vehicles. If you wish to stay with a passenger before they enter the departures lounges, you will need to park in the general car park.

Offsite Airport Parking

A cheaper option for long-term parking is to book with an off-site parking company. A number of private companies offer this service and it is cheapest with booked online in advance. Parking for one week can cost as little as €32.00, but the price can vary according to the service provided.

With basic off-site parking, you drive to the car park and you will be transferred to the airport in a shuttle bus. For an extra fee, you can choose a Meet & Greet service where you drive to the airport terminal and a driver will take your car to the parking location for you. The driver will then be waiting for you with your vehicle when you return. Additional services include covered parking, valeting and car servicing. Most off-site car parks are fenced and have twenty-four-hour security or CCTV.

You can compare prices of all the local companies by filling out the form at the top of this page.