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Business Centre

Change the way you view a business trip and hold a meeting within the airport. You can fly into Barcelona and do all your business without even leaving the airport in fully equipped meetings rooms and offices.

The state of the art business centre at Barcelona airport is located in terminal 1 and is designed as a business getaway. It is suitable for all business sizes, from small to enterprise, that requires private spaces with the option of secretarial and catering services. Offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms are all available, with hi-tech audio and visual capabilities, and large windows providing natural daylight. All this in an air-conditioned environment.

Services & Facilities

The business centre covers 2,583 m² and offers the following facilities:

  • Boardrooms (Air Meetings Rooms) - There are five boardrooms, four measuring 53 m² each and one of 90 m². They are all partitioned off but can be joined together to create larger spaces. Rooms come fully furnished with high-quality materials, and each has the latest technologies for video conferencing and similar events.
  • Offices - There are five fully furnished offices with computer equipment, a television, a coffee machine and audio and visual equipment. Four offices measure 24 m² each, and one is larger at 60 m².
  • A multipurpose room (Sala Polivalent) - For events such as business meetings and seminars, there is a multipurpose room available that measure 240 m² in total. Partitioning is available for this space, so two spaces can be made if required.
  • Reception - The reception area welcomes all your clients and manages the services available. There is also a waiting area with internet services available.
  • Catering area - There is a large indoor space and outdoor terrace of 2,000 m² where you can hold private events for between 25 and 300 people. Catering services in this area, or other areas in the business centre, are available.
  • Sleeping or rest units - Elegantly designed guest rooms that have an emphasis on comfort are available. They are fully equipped with a bed, bathroom or shower, television and internet. There is one suite that measures 36 m², and nine suites measuring 25m² each.
  • Fitness Area - There is a fitness and relaxation area measuring 344 m² featuring a gymnasium, with dressing rooms and showers.


The table below gives you an idea of the capacity for each facility. The boardrooms can be combined, so you can join for example 3 or 4 rooms together and make a larger space.

Maximum Capacity
Boardroom 1
49 people
Boardroom 2
49 people
Boardroom 3
49 people
Boardroom 4
49 people
Boardroom 5
76 people
Boardrooms Combined
272 people
Multi-purpose Room (first partition)
116 people
Multi-purpose Room (second partition)
120 people
Multi-purpose Room (combined)
236 people
Office 1
61 people
Office 2
21 people
Office 3
21 people
Office 4
21 people
Office 5
21 people

Useful Information

Below is some useful information about the business centre, including contact details and the official website for more information.