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Barcelona Airport Departures

At Barcelona airport, the terminal you depart from will depend on which airline you are flying with rather than your destination. Your booking confirmation or boarding pass should give you this information, but for a full list of which airlines depart from which terminal click here.

Both terminals are easily accessible however you get there. Private transfers and taxis will drop you outside the departures hall. Public buses, depending on the service, will either drop you directly at the terminal or a short walk across the road. The general car parks and car rental returns are a two to five-minute walk. The long-stay car park is a five-minute ride on the free shuttle bus. If you arrive by train, a bridge takes you directly into Terminal 2 and there is a frequent free shuttle bus to Terminal 1.

Most airlines give you the option to check in online and either print out your boarding pass or store it on your smartphone using their app. Certain low-cost airlines impose a high charge for checking in at the airport.

In the departures hall check the large display boards for your flight number to see which check-in desks are operating for your flight. Automatic check-in machines are available for flights with some airlines. If you only have hand baggage and you have checked in online, you can go straight to security screening.


You should allow plenty of time to check in but, in general, arrive at least three hours before long-haul and non-Schengen area flights and two hours in advance of domestic and Schengen area flights.

At check-in, you will need your passport or national ID card and your booking reference or boarding pass.

The size and weight allowances for hold and carry-on baggage vary widely for each airline and there are high penalties for being oversized or overweight. Weigh your bags before leaving for the airport to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and expense.

Some goods are restricted or forbidden from being carried in hold and hand luggage. Forbidden items can be found on the CAA website, so ensure you check this site if you are not familiar with the restrictions.

Security Screening

On entering the security area, you will be asked to show your boarding pass for scanning, so have it on hand to avoid any delay. In Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, there is special access for people with reduced mobility, prams and pushchairs, etc. There are also fast lanes for preferential passengers who pay for the service.

For screening, place your bags on the conveyor belt and ensure large electronic devices are removed from your luggage and screened separately. You will have to take off jackets and belts and remove all articles from your pockets and place them in the trays provided. These will then pass through the X-Ray machine while you go through a metal detector. In some cases, you may be asked to remove your shoes, so be prepared for this. If anything suspicious is detected, you will be scanned and your goods swabbed.

After you have cleared screening, you can enter the departures lounge.

Departures Lounge

In the departures lounge check the information screens for your flight details. Your boarding gate, boarding time and departure times will be displayed, as well as details on a delay if it occurs.

While waiting to board your flight you can relax in one of the many food and drink outlets or catch up on some last-minute shopping in the wide variety of shops. Wines and spirits, alcohol, perfumes and other goods can be purchased in the duty-free store cheaper than most high street prices. You can see all the shops in each terminal here.

When the boarding gate for your flight is displayed, you should proceed promptly. You will be required to show your passport or ID card and your boarding pass in order to board the aircraft.