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VIP Lounges

Barcelona airport can get very busy at times. It is the second biggest airport in Spain, so tens of millions of passenger pass through the terminals each year. With the extra challenges of air travel these days, due to the increased security and baggage checks, getting away from the crowds and relaxing in a VIP lounge has become very popular. If you are travelling on a long-haul flight, they are a great place to reduce your stress levels before you fly.

Passengers who are departing from terminal 1 have a choice of three different VIP lounges. In terminal 2 there is only one VIP lounge. The lounges are as follows:

  • Canudas - Terminal 2
  • Colomer - Terminal 1
  • Miró - Terminal 1
  • Pau Casals - Terminal 1

In terminal 1, there is also a business centre where you can do business at the airport. This centre contains boardrooms and offices, so it is more suited for corporate commuters. There is more information about this centre here.


No matter which lounge you visit, the facilities you find will all be very similar. All the lounges have the facilities stated below; with some lounges having a few extra. For example, there are showers in the Pau Casales and Miró lounges. All additional facilities can be seen further down this page.

  • Animals are permitted if they are in a cage
  • Air traffic information monitors
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Catering service
  • Computers with internet access
  • Dedicated reception and customer services desk
  • Disabled access for passengers
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Newspapers, magazines and books in various languages
  • Television
  • Refreshments & snacks

Entry Conditions

The lounges are available for all passengers. Many passengers who are flying first class or business class will have free access, as well as passengers who hold a privilege card, such as Priority Pass. All other passengers can buy a ticket online or at the door.

If you are a first class or business class passenger, check with your airliner to see if you have free entry. If you have, also see which lounge you can access. If you are travelling from terminal 1, most airlines will only allow free entry into one of the three lounges, depending on your route, so you cannot choose with one to visit.

If you are not entitled to free entry, you can purchase a ticket. The tickets cost the same for all four lounges, and there is no discount for purchasing online. Tickets are not limited to a specific lounge, so once you have made a purchase, you can enter the lounge that is suitable for your type of flight.

The current entry prices are as follows:

Ticket Type
Purchased Online
Purchased On Arrival
Adults (aged 11 and over)
Chilen (6 to 10 years)
Children (0 to 5 years)

The Lounges

Below is useful information about all of the lounges.

  • Canudas VIP Lounge

    This lounge is for all passengers in terminal 2.

    • Location: Floor 1 or terminal 2, situated in the boarding area near U gates
    • Additional Facilities:
      • Luggage storage and coat room
      • Working area
    • Opening hours: 06:20 to 22:20
    • Surface area: 397.09 m2
    • Contact: (+34) 932 971 498 or (+34) 933 758 610
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Colomer VIP Lounge

    This lounge is for passengers on the Barcelona-Madrid air shuttle flights.

  • Miró VIP Lounge

    This lounge is for passengers travelling to Non-Schengen countries.

    • Location: Floor 2 or terminal 1, situated in the boarding area
    • Additional Facilities:
      • Chaise-longue relaxation area
      • Luggage storage and coat room
      • Showers
      • Meeting Room
      • Wellness treatments and hair salon
    • Opening hours: 06:00 to 23:30
    • Surface area: 1.707 m2
    • Contact: (+34) 932 596 428 or (+34) 933 758 604
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Pau Casals VIP Lounge

    This is the main lounge of passengers in terminal 1. Priority Pass voted this lounge "Best Lounge in the World 2013", and it won the "Global Lounge of the Year" in 2013, so it must be a good lounge!

    • Location: Floor 2 of terminal 1, situated in the boarding area
    • Additional Facilities:
      • Chaise-longue relaxation area
      • Luggage storage and coat room
      • Showers
      • Wellness treatments and hair salon
    • Opening hours: 05:00 to 22:15
    • Surface area: 1,795 m2
    • Contact: (+34) 932 596 430 or (+34) 933 758 601
    • Email:
    • Website:

Conditions of Stay

There are a few conditions for all passengers using the VIP lounges. One thing to note is the maximum stay, which is set at 3 hours. You can enter the lounge a minimum of 3 hours before the boarding time of your flight, and stay until you board. If there is a delay in your flight, the maximum time extends, and you can stay until your flight is ready to board.

All of the lounges are non-smoking, and a smart or smart casual dress code is required at all times. For a full list of conditions, visit the website for each lounge given above.